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Pooja Singh is Vivana - Jimmy Movie Actress Pictures & Wallpapers

Pooja Singh is Vivana - Jimmy Movie Actress
Pooja Singh is Vivana - Jimmy Film Actress

Pooja Singh/Vivana Biography & Career Profile

Age: 22 yrs
Height: N.A.
Occupation: Indian Actress & Model

Pooja Singh (also known as Vivana) is a Bollywood actress who starred in this year's movie Jimmy opposite Mithun Chakraborty's son Mimoh Chakraborty. She has done MA in English Economics and Political Science. She also has a diploma in Advertising and PR from Mumbai. Prior to career in movies, she has also done a few modeling assignments. She has appeared in an advertisement with Akshay Kumar for Thums up commercial and also in Veet Hair Creme Ad Campaign with Katrina Kaif.

Pooja recently changed her name to Vivana to keep it unique in Bollywood after a astrologer suggested her to do so. Vivana is a Sanskrit word which means shining like a star. Infact, Pooja is not her real name, it was actually suggested by her brother as he was a fan of Former Bollywood Actress turned director Pooja Bhatt. Her role model for acting is Sridevi.

In Jimmy Movie, she plays the role of a bubbly girl next door opposite Mimoh Chakraborty.

Pooja Singh/Vivana Pictures Photos Pics Images

Vivana Photo Pooja Singh Picture Vivana Picture

Pooja Singh/Vivana Wallpaper & Wallpapers

Vivana - Jimmy Movie Actress Vivana Image Vivana Wallpaper

Vivana - Jimmy Movie Premiere Pictures

Vivana at Jimmy Movie Premier Vivana at Jimmy Film Premier Vivana - Jimmy Movie Actress

Pooja Singh/Vivana Filmography

  • Jimmy 2008 (Cast: Mimoh, Vivana, Zulfi Syed)

Pooja Singh/Vivana - Jimmy 2008 Film Videos

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