Monday, October 15, 2007

About Us

BabesDB is a database, blog on Babes, women, female celebs from various fields. It is a database on beautiful, influencial, famous women; it also contains the biographies, profiles, filmography/discography etc. of the different babes. It also contains pictures (pics), wallpapers, external Pictures and external links relating to each category or Babes presented here. A user can submit his favourite sites and Picture sites for review under external links and external pictures section of our various categories. The Users/vistors of the site can also post their comments on any of the pages, thereby increasing interactivity. Leave the message for your favourite babe or for our sites visitors. Comments are moderated by the webmasters for their genuineness and their family friendlyness.

The webmasters can also submit their female celeb sites and pictures site for the external links and external pictures reviews to us. We will post the suited/relevant and best sites in our database external section.

It also contains pictures, wallpaper pages relating to each popular, beautiful, etc. babe known to us from various walks of life. Feel free to use these pics as the wallpaper in your sites.

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