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Jessica Trisko - Miss Earth 2007 - Miss Earth Canada 2007

Jessica Trisko - Miss Earth 2007
Jessica Trisko - Miss Earth 2007 - Miss Earth Canada 2007

Jessica Trisko's Biography

Jessica Nicole Trisko (23-years old) was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia. She has been crowned as Miss Earth 2007 at the Miss Earth competition held in Phillipines at November 11, 2007. She is first generation Canadian of Russo-Ukrainian and Filipino heritage who embodies Canada’s connections to the East and the West. Jessica’s first language is English, but she also speaks Russian and French. At age 17, Jessica moved to Montreal, Quebec to attend McGill University where she excelled as a student-athlete and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2004. She later lived in the United States and Russia while completing a Master of Arts degree. Jessica recently returned to Montreal to begin a Ph.D. in Political Science at McGill.

Jessica’s connection to Canada’s fashion industry is longstanding. Jessica began participating in charitable fashion shows at the age of 15. She soon appeared in two local newspapers, the Vancouver Sun and the Province, as well as other Canadian magazines. In 2001, Jessica teamed up with Ford Models and L’Oreal to participate in the behind-the-scenes reality television series Supermodels, which featured eight half-hour episodes. Jessica reached the fifth episode as one of the show’s youngest contestants. After a break to pursue her studies, Jessica recently returned to her first passion. With her past experience in the fashion industry and television, recent public speaking experience and with the life lessons she has learned along the way.

Jessica's Charity Involvement

Her Vision as disclosed at Miss Universe Canada Competiton:

If crowned as Miss Universe Canada 2007, Jessica will be an advocate for the United Nations’ belief that education is a fundamental human right. Jessica hopes that promoting this right through the Miss Universe Canada 2007 title will give a voice to those denied the opportunity to learn. This goal goes hand in hand with the Miss Universe Organization’s HIV/AIDS initiatives, as education is a key component in preventing the spread of this deadly pandemic.

TREn’DS: Teens Reacting Effectively n’ Discovering Style

What: TREnDS is the voice teenage fashion never had. A voice that expresses what exactly teens want to wear, and not what they feel pressured to wear by popular culture. What makes TREnDS so effective is that it consists of teens reacting on behalf of other teens, allowing them to discover the true meaning of style and not the superficial, provocative face that fashion has become.

Who: TREnDS is a project for teens by teens. Initially set up by a current University of Toronto student, the club now holds committees throughout 5 cities nation wide. Our goal is to help teens realize that fashion isn’t strictly about the physical, but that it is a lifestyle as well. Indeed, the way we present ourselves physically plays a major role in that it should reflect the person that lies within, but that is only a small portion of the image TREnDS is attempting to portray. A part from the attire, fashion is also our personality. It is our intellect; our individuality. Fashion, in a nutshell, should be what makes us stand out amongst so many others.

How: By offering professional seminars on skincare, hairdressing and the fashion industry itself, TREnDS offers its girls a hands-on experience at improving their images and developping their personal styles. It provides them with the necessary tools needed in order to discover what suits them most as an individual, as well as what fashion should offer them as an age group. By discussing modern social issues, this allows the girls to feed their intellect and cultivate them furthermore, thus making the TREnDS experience a much more enriching one.

Why: According to a study held by Helga Dittmar, “it was estimated that between television, radio and printed advertisements, the average person is exposed to more than 3000 advertisements a day”, how can we possibly not be influenced? Between what’s “in” and what is said to be “so yesterday”, adolescents, being the most susceptible to this mass media, are constantly bombarded with choices to make, yet they have no say whatsoever as to what’s being thrown at them. This is where we come in. We want to end this unbareable silence, and give fashion the voice it’s missing in order for teens to finally set a trend...the right one.

“There is power in the beauty of a woman’s image. It is up to her to decide whether or not she wants to use it wisely.”

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