Sunday, November 4, 2007

Beauty Pageant Winners and Contestants List - Sitemap

Following is the list of the Pageant Winners Featured in this site:
This list is small, we you know more please suggest us and send details at HGNZMAG (at)

The pageant winners may be from any region of the world or of any year past and present send us their description and profile and why do you like them.

Thanks to you all, for helping build this 1st database of its kind on blog format.


Names with their dates/month of adding:

  1. -------------------Added October 2007---------------------
  2. Miss International 2007 - Priscila Perales
  3. Miss Intercontinental 2007 - Nancy Afiouny
  4. Miss Tibet 2007 - Tenzin Dolma
  5. Miss Universe 2007 - Riyo Mori
  6. Miss India World 2007 - Sarah Jane
  7. ----------------------Added November 2007------------------
  8. Miss India Earth 2007 - Pooja Chitgopekar
  9. Miss Earth 2007 - Jessica Trisko
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