Monday, June 2, 2008

Cameron Diaz and P Diddy (Sean Combs) Dating Pictures & Photos

Cameron Diaz is Dating Diddy
Diddy & Cameron Diaz Picture

Cameron Diaz Dating Pop Star Diddy?

Cameron Diaz is dating Sean Combs aka Diddy (Rumors)

NY Daily's Gossip Columnists, Rush and Molloy have reported that Cameron Diaz & Pop Star Diddy may be dating each other. These rumors are based on the fact that the couple (Diddy & Diaz) has made several appearances together at past few occasions.

Celebrity website, Right Celebrity has pointed out few of them:
  • Occassion 1 - March:
    Cameron and Diddy have dinner in Los Angeles and leave separately out the back.
  • Occassion 2 - May:
    Cameron and Diddy are spotted at the Sub-Mercer lounge where they supposedly went into a private room leaving a guard to stand watch.
  • Occassion 3 - Last Friday:
    The two attended Prince’s book, “21 Days,” launch party along with several other celebrities, including Eddie Murphy and Babyface. The two were holding hands and having a good time when they disappeared into Prince’s basement.
Diddy reacted to these rumors by terming the whole thing as ridiculous and baseless. On the other hand, Diaz didn't find it necessary to comment on this matter.

Cameron Diaz & P Diddy Pictures Photos Pics

Cameron Diaz Pic P Diddy & Diaz Picture

Cameron Diaz Hot Sexy Pictures Photos Pics

Cameron Diaz Picture Cameron Diaz Photo

Cameron Diaz Hot Wallpaper/Wallpapers

Cameron Diaz Wallpaper

Cameron Diaz Swimsuit Bikini & Lingerie Pictures Photos

Cameron Diaz Bikini Picture Cameron Diaz Swimsuit Picture

Cameron Diaz Nose Job/Rhinoplasty (Before & After) Pictures

Cameron Diaz Nose Job (Before & After)

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