Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chanell Elaine Hallett Nude Naked Photos Pictures - Trump Vodka Party Scandal

Chanell Elaine Hallett
Chanell Elaine Hallett Picture

Chanell Elaine Hallett is a 17 year old waitress who served vodka at the Donald Trump’s Super Bowl party. Trump is now facing criticism for allowing an underage girl to serve and drink his vodka, and that too all in the nude.

Donald Trump’s representative has released a statement yesterday evading all responsibility regarding this matter and alleging the 17 year old waitress for intentionally doing all this for gaining publicity.

Source: Right Celebrity

Chanell Elaine Hallett Biography (Chanel Elaine Hallett)

Age: 17 yrs
Occupation: Waitress

Chanell Elaine Hallett is a 17-year-old girl who works as a waitress in Arizona. She made a name for herself by showing up at a Super Bowl party sponsored by 944 Magazine and Trump Vodka. In this Party, all of the waitresses were naked and wearing nothing except a Trump logo body paint. These waitresses were there to serve the vodka to the people present the party. This has created criticism against Donald Trump, as he was accused of allowing a 17 year old to do all that.

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Chanell Elaine Hallett Trump Party Nude Naked Pictures Photos

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