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Stacey Bendet - Fashion Designer Engaged to Eric Eisner of Disney

Fashion Designer Stacey Bendet engaged to Eric Eisner
Stacey Bendet engaged to Eric Eisner

Stacey Bendet is a fashion designer and CEO of "Alice + Olivia" fashion house in New York and is also girlfriend of Eric Eisner, of Disney. Eric proposed Bendet on Valentine’s Day at the Bel Air Hotel. The two were surrounded by champagne and roses and Bendet said yes to an antique ring from the 1920s. The Eisner’s have an estate in Aspen, which will likely be the location for the wedding next summer.

Stacey Bendet's Biography and Career Profile

Age: N.A.
Height: N.A.
Weight: N.A.
Occupation: American Fashion Designer

Stacey "Staceypants" Bendet was born Stacey Wiener in Chappaqua, New York. She graduated from Horace Greeley High School and went on to the University of Penn where she was a member of the gymnastics team. Stacey turned to a life of fashion after an interview on Wall Street.

Stacey then turned to the internet where she designed web sites for fashion houses. That designing led her and a friend to start "Alice + Olivia" with their first show involving models wearing "pants with Partridge Family–style vertical stripes and not much else besides some strategically placed bouquets." The show was a success with requests from celebrities and stores like Fred Segal and Barneys, where she went on to be a pants designer, came pouring in.

As with all of New York’s elite, rumors fly, but Bendet herself is responsible for the one about attending her yoga classes drunk. Also, some say she is reaping the benefits of her parents money and her partner is actually the talented one, while Bendet yells, makes people cry, and takes laxatives all day.

Oh, the price one pays for being rich and famous. On the good side, Bendet reportedly does charity work for organizations like the New York Pubilc Library and Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Organization.

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