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Gabriela Irimia - Cheeky Girls Pictures Photos Wallpapers

Gabriela Irimia of Cheeky Girls Duo
Gabriela Irimia with her Fiancee Lembit Opik (Cheeky Girls Duo)

Gabriela Irimia Biography and Career Profile

Age: 25 yrs
Height: N.A.
Weight: N.A.
Occupation: Singers, British Reality TV stars

Gabriela Irimia was born October 31, 1982 in Transylvania, Romania. She is 10 minutes older than her twin sister, Monica. As a girl, Gabriela studied gymnastics and ballet and toured with the Hungarian National Opera.

In 2002, Garbriela moved to Britain with her mother Margit and her sister. The twins garnered fame after appearing on British reality television shows “Popstars: The Rivals” and “Model Bahaviour”. They released their first song in 2004, “The Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)” in 2004, which hit number 2 on the British charts. The same album was voted worst pop record of all time by London’s Channel 4.

Unfortunately for the girls, their label, Telstar, collapsed in 2007, and sent the girls into bankruptcy fears. To come back, The Cheeky Girls released a download album with their 6-year-old niece, Lory.

Gabriela is currently engaged to be married to the Liberal Democratic frontrunner, Lembit Opik. The relationship is rumored to have helped Gabriela avoid deportation from Britain in 2006 long enough to allow Romania’s entry into the European Union. It was even more controversial considering the politician had only recently broken up with his longtime girlfriend, weather girl Sian Lloyd.

Gabriela Irimia - Cheeky Girls Duo/Twins Pictures Photos Pics Images

Gabriela Irimia (left) with her Twin Sister Monica

Gabriela Irimia (right) with her Identical Twin Monica

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