Saturday, December 1, 2007

Elena Roxana Azoitei - Miss World Romania 2007

Elena Roxana Azoitei - Miss World Romania 2007

Elena Roxana Azoitei - Miss World Romania 2007

Elena Roxana Azoitei's Biography

Age: 19 yrs
Occupation: Student
Height: 178 cms

Elena is current Miss World Romania 2007. Elena grew up in Constanta, it’s the biggest town from south of Romania, with beautiful boulevards and gorgeous beaches. She is studying Journalism at University, her ambition is to do editorials and make commercials, she is also supporting herself by working as a hostess at auto shows and at brand shows. Sporting interests and hobbies include most sports; handball, football, tennis photography; listening and dancing to slow music, house & R’n’B; she has visited Japan and Bulgaria. Elena’s motto is: “Live every day like it is the last one!”

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Blogger Maria said ... (December 3, 2007 at 1:14 AM) : 

Anul acesta am inteles ca nu s-a organizat concursul Miss World in Romania. Scrie si pe ca domnisoara cu pricina a fost trimisa in urma unei selectii "ad-hoc" :))) .... hahaha ... ce s-a nimerit ea dragutza acolo la selectie? Oare cine o sustine si de ce nu sunt trimise fete frumoase>? Ca nul trecut ... cand Romania a luat locul 2 la Miss World!


Anonymous Amer Suhail Khan said ... (March 22, 2009 at 1:15 PM) : 

Amazing Beauty:
One of my favorite pastimes is to surf the net and look for the peak of perfection in beautiful people. Most of the people may think of it as an eccentric obsession but I have my own way of thinking and I don’t care what people think about me when I wrap beautiful words around beautiful people. I’m not a connoisseur but someone who fell to my heart, has already gone through the eyes of many connoisseurs of beauty. In men, my search is complete, because nobody can take the place of Clarke Gable but in women, which comes in many flavors and tastes; deciding on one single lady becomes point of great confusion. But when I saw the lovely face of Elena Roxana Azoitei, I forgot all about my search and confusion about the beauty of a woman. God has spent more than enough time in the finishing of Roxana innocent face. She is perfect and on top of all in the world of beauty. Her svelte figures are the masterpiece of beauty. She is Hoor; the most beautiful women of paradise. Everybody will enter paradise in a most beautiful shape but Roxana will enter in its original shape, because she has reached the summit of beauty in this world, she doesn’t need to be beautified anymore in paradise, she will definitely rule the paradise. {Amer Suhail Khan}


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