Friday, November 30, 2007

Eun-Ju Cho - Miss World Korea 2007

Eun-Ju Cho - Miss World Korea 2007

Eun-Ju Cho - Miss World Korea 2007

Eun-Ju Cho's Biography

Age: 24 yrs
Occupation: Student
Height: 168 cms

Eun-Ju is Miss World Korea 2007. Eun-Ju grew up in Pusan, the largest port city in Korea. She graduated from Hong Ik University in Advertising and Journalism and is now studying sociology, anthropology, political science and economics for her Masters at Yonsei University. Her ambition is to become an Anchorwoman. Eun-Ju has travelled to China, Japan and the Philippines. Sporting abilities include: swimming, skiing, snowboarding, running, track and field. Hobbies are: reading, photography, listening to R’n’B, flamenco & jazz dance, her special talent lies with the Korean traditional dance. Whilst at university she spent time in the U.N. Peace Corps helping out on many projects. Personal mottoes include: “A small kindness towards people turns into deep gratitude”, another is “Believe in the power of positive thinking”.

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