Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lara Bingle Pictures Photos Wallpapers - Break up Michael Clarke

Lara Bingle Picture
Lara Bingle Picture

Australian Model Lara Bingle and Cricketer Michael Clarke Reported Break up

Representatives at the star couple's management firm International Quarterback admitted they'd spent the past 24 hours salvaging the wreckage after the engagement was reported as fact in a Sunday newspaper.

The pair met with the agency yesterday, with Clarke leaving it to company rep Lisa Stallard to speak to the media.

"The story was absolutely inaccurate - they're not getting engaged, there is no engagement pending and there has not been any magazine deals done to announce it," Stallard said.

It's got to rival Britney Spear's record for the shortest engagements ever....
- Reported: News.com.au

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