Thursday, January 10, 2008

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Deepika-Yuvi Together in Sydney (Deepika-Yuvraj Picture)

Deepika Yuvi Together - Bollywood Gossip

Deepika Padukone and Yuvraj Singh were recently spotted at a popular Sydney restaurant having a gala time together. Deepika flew down to Sydney on Wednesday apparently following a special invitation from her latest love Yuvraj Singh to watch the on going India-Australia Test series. Sources add that it is Yuvi who has sponsored her entire trip to Australia inclusive of air tickets and stay. According to a newspaper report, the couple is very much in a relationship. The report even quoted a close friend of the cricketer's family saying that marriage could be on the cards two years from now. Speculations about Yuvi showing interest in the 'Om Shanti Om' girl started brewing up a little more than a month back, even as her link-up with Dhoni saw its peak. The couple met at a Mumbai-based nightclub a while back and since then have supposedly hit off well. It is also being said that Deepika had played host to Yuvi’s birthday party in December, which in itself, is an indication of their growing intimacy. Though, it may be a little too early to say that they are engaged, but the couple is definitely enjoying each other’s company. Though, it may be a little too early to state that they are engaged, the couple is definitely finding solace in each other’s company. Incidentally, Deepika is celebrating her 22nd birthday today and the pair is expected to be together for the occasion.
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