Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Caroline Louise Pemberton - Miss World Australia 2007

Caroline Louise Pemberton - Miss World Australia 2007

Caroline Louise Pemberton's Biography

Caroline Louise Clowes PEMBERTON is a 21 yr old student. Her height is 182 cm. She is Miss World Australia 2007. Caroline is the youngest of three children. Born in Sydney, she lived as a child on beautiful Lake Macquarie to the north. Like her brother, the youngest Australian to climb Everest, she’s a high achiever, she’s hoping for a First in her Psychology degree, complete a Masters in Neuro Psychology, followed by a doctorate in this area. She was voted a Goodwill Ambassador by UNICEF Australia. Caroline is well travelled and has visited all continents except Antarctica. She is a devotee of extreme sports including: water skiing, scuba-diving, sailing, canoeing, snow skiing & trekking, rock ice climbing, but still finds time for reading extensively in science and literature as well as charcoal drawing and Ceroc dance lessons. Her personal motto is: “Start with big dreams, set goals to realise them and stay open to opportunity”.

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